Monday, July 23, 2007

Earth, Wind, Fire..water..smoke...

Not much cooking in my kitchen the last couple of days. You know how just when you think you are finally getting ahead, and you are gleeful with that knowledge? And then God, or whoever is in charge of these things, says "Psych!". Welcome to my world. Just when all was going right, my washing machine blew up. Literally. Well, ok, not literally, but there was smoke. And a horrible burnt smell that 2 days later we are still trying to get out of the house. (any and all suggestions for smell removal would be most welcome). My only six and a half year old washer gave up the ghost. With a load full of clothes. And water. And soap. Yeah. My Saturday night consisted of a whirlwind research of washers, a frantic dinner and the world's fastest purchase of a washing machine in recorded history. Not to mention that we then had to come home (it's after 9pm by now) and pull out and wring out a load full of wet, soapy clothes. To be put aside to wash at the Mother in Law's house next day. So much for our relaxed Saturday night.

Have you priced washing machines lately? Good gawd. If you want any color than white, you will have to take out an additional mortgage on your house just to purchase it. I drooled over the red, blue and graphite colors, but just couldn't justify paying double for something that is going to sit in a room I don't spend much time in and do nothing but my laundry.

OK, I realize in the grand scheme of things, this is not the Apocalypse. But it did kept me from cooking. And baking.

And if you are wondering which washer I purchased... it's this one

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